Yossi Gottehrer

Specializes in innovative art through architectural design.

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Architectural design is an art that spans square footage and cohesive dimensions, while celebrating life within the symmetry.

At Yossi G., we capture your energy, along with opportunities called space.

Our team of design professionals possesses the masterful skills, vision, and passion to construct a unique and beautiful space custom tailored to your every need.




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Happy Clients

Yossi, It's amazing how much money you saved me thru your spec book, specifying every detail easily saved me a few months of financing fees, you play the most important roles of my projects!
Joel K., Client

I dealt with many designers in the past, the heart you put in to my project doing the unusual to help get my project completed, is priceless! I will keep on recommending you to everyone I know.
Y. Rubin, Client

I was searching for a knowledgeable designer who is quick, works with my budget, understands my style and mostly who is quick to respond to all of my contractors questions. i must admit it's not easy finding one who fits all of these criteria's. however Yossi certainly meets these criteria's and more, I used him on several projects (though some are not fully completed yet) on each one of them he was there whenever needed. for me the icing on the cake was the continuous and virtually immediate response I always got using whatsapp.

I highly recommend Yossi. I promise you won't be disappointed

David S., Client